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The following terms of sale apply to the sale of all products and other movable property (hereinafter referred to as the Products) by Engstrands Bil & Motor AB, corporate identity number 556212-0179, (hereinafter referred to as Webastocenter), unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing between each customer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) and Webastocenter. When selling to consumers, Webastocenter applies the mandatory rules that follow from applicable legislation. Webastocenter's online shop (www.webastocenter.sewww.webastocenter.comwww.webastocenter.euwww.webastocenter.fiwww.webastocenter.de
www.webastocenter.nlwww.webastocenter.co.uk) is in this document called webastocenter.se.

Products sold by Webastocenter are intended to be used in Sweden. The products always have a Swedish, English or German manual in physical form when the products require it. In cases where a digital copy is desired in another language, we try to assist with it as far as possible. In these cases, we ask you to contact our customer support by mail info@webastocenter.se or call +46(0)8800449.

Placing an order
You can place an order by using the online store at webastocenter.se or via Webastocenter's customer service. When placing an order, a purchase agreement is made only when Webastocenter confirms the order through an invoice or payment is otherwise registered. Webastocenter does not enter into agreements with minors (under 18 years old) without the consent of a legal guardian. Webastocenter reserves the right for errors in information and errors in the specification, for all products and services in Webastocenter's range. All image information should be seen as illustrations, and cannot be guaranteed to reproduce the exact appearance and nature of the product. In the event of any errors in specifying a stock status, Webastocenter reserves the right to correct this in retrospect. This means, among other things, that if a product in Webastocenter's range has expired or is otherwise unavailable with due regard to reasonable efforts, Webastocenter is not obliged to provide such product despite the fact that the customer ordered the same as above. Once the customer has placed an order and the item has been shipped, Webastocenter cannot change the order, the return conditions apply. If the item has not been shipped, please contact us as soon as possible to see if we can make a change.

Terms and Conditions
Webastocenter.se always includes VAT in the stated price unless otherwise stated. Shipping costs always apply when ordering products (except when you choose to “Collect at the store”). Shipping cost depends on the customer's choice of delivery method as well as the weight and dimensions on the parcel. Webastocenter mainly delivers the products in collaboration with DHL. The delivery time within Sweden is normally 2 to 5 working days, depending on whether the products are in Webastocenter's warehouse or if they are ordered on demand directly from the supplier's warehouse. When placing an order outside of Sweden the delivery time can be longers Webastocenter does not split delivery into multiple consignments. When ordering products that are out of stock, delivery is first awaited for Webastocenter's warehouse before the customer's order is shipped in one and the same delivery.
The customer can choose between different delivery methods depending on what’s available in the part of the world you are ordering from: 
DHL Service Point, DHL Paket or Collect at the store are available for our customers in Sweden.
DHL Parcel Connect or DHL Paket Export are available outside of Sweden to most countries. If uncertain what delivery method is available in your country please contact our customer support.

  • DHL Servicepoint means that the products are shipped with DHL, and can then be obtained from the customer's local DHL representative.
  • DHL Paket is delivered directly to your company. Please note that clients must be on-site to sign for the shipment.
  • “Collect at the store” means that the customer himself collects the products in Webastocenter's store in Bromma. For opening hours please see our contact site on the main page.
  • DHL Parcel Connect ships your products to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, UK.
  • DHL Paket Export is our business to business solution for Europe

All deliveries are made after notification. When delivering the products, the customer must always show credentials. Only the person with the name of the package may obtain it from the representative.
When picking up the products in Webastocenter's “Collect at the store”, the customer must also be able to show order number.
In cases where the customer chooses not to pick up ordered products, the customer is charged a handling fee of SEK 299.
If a delivery delay occurs, the customer is notified via e-mail or telephone call from Webastocenter. The customer is always entitled to cancel the purchase in case of long-term delivery delays. Cancellation of purchases must be made in writing via e-mail to Webastocenter's customer service at info@webastocenter.se. Webastocenter will repay the purchase price no later than 14 days after written cancellation has been received. There may be times when it is impossible to fulfill an order, for example, if Webastocenter's supplier cannot fulfill its commitment towards Webastocenter. Webastocenter, therefore, reserves the right to exempt itself from all claims for compensation from the customer regarding delivery delays.
Webastocenter is responsible for the risk of transport to the customer, i.e. the risk of a product being damaged or lost during transport to the customer. The customer is responsible for the risk of any return to Webastocenter.
The customer is responsible for reporting any transport damage to Webastocenter's customer service within a reasonable time. Webastocenter encourages the customer to report the damage as quickly as possible, for smooth handling of the case. The customer is responsible for unpacking and inspecting the condition of the products as soon as possible after receipt. In the event of a transport injury, the customer should contact Webastocenter's customer service by e-mail: info@webastocenter.se or telephone: +468800449. In the case of transport damage, the customer must not use the product and the customer must keep the product's packaging so that the entire package and the product can be inspected when handling claims.

Prices and payment
The prices listed on webastocenter.se include VAT if not otherwise stated. Shipping costs apply depending on the customer's choice of delivery method. The shipping cost is included in the total cost of the products before paying.
Promotional offers on products apply as long as the inventory is sufficient unless otherwise stated by Webastocenter.
Discount codes can only be used individually, cannot be combined with each other.

Payment security
Webastocenter guarantees that the payment options offered at webastocenter.se are secure. We work with Klarna or Pay Pal to make our customers feel secure with their purchase and with the payment options offered. After identification and risk assessment, Klarna Checkout shows the payment options that can be offered to you. Whatever payment option you choose, Pay Pal, Klarna or one of Klarna's partners is the one who handles the payment transaction while the actual purchase of the product or service is done directly by Webastocenter. Product- or service-specific questions should, therefore, be addressed directly to Webastocenter.
Current payment options that may currently be offered through Klarna Checkout are invoice, account credit, card payment or direct payment via bank. Invoice is the default payment option.

Security and privacy
All handling of the customer's data is encrypted with the highest level of security. In connection with the customer's registration and order, the customer approves that Webastocenter stores and uses the customer's information to fulfill its obligations to the customer. The transfer of personal data is encrypted via SSL. Passwords specified by the customer are stored encrypted. Webastocenter documents certain communication that Webastocenter has with the customer by telephone or e-mail, in order to be able to provide the service that the customer expects from Webastocenter.
Webastocenter will not disclose the customer's personal information to third parties. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the customer has the right to receive what personal information the company has registered. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, the customer may request that the information be corrected or deleted.

Return Policy
The customer always has a 14 day right of withdrawal in accordance with the law on distance contracts. The right of withdrawal applies only if the product is in unused condition. The customer is legally entitled to inspect the product to the extent required to ensure its properties and function. But in order to be able to return it, you cannot use it. If you have used the product, you can no longer claim the right to return it. 
When using the right of withdrawal, we have the right to make deductions corresponding to the reduction in value arising from the fact that the customer has handled the product to a greater extent than was necessary to determine its characteristics or function. The impairment is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The cancellation deadline starts from the day the customer has received the product.
Webastocenter will repay the purchase price no later than 14 days after the returned product has been received by Webastocenter. The customer is responsible for shipping costs on return. The shipping cost is deducted on the repayment of the purchase amount.
The right of withdrawal does not apply to demo items and used goods.
The customer shall return the unused product in the original packaging with the associated packaging. The customer is responsible for the risk of return shipping, the risk includes, among other things, the product is damaged or lost during shipping. In the case of the right of withdrawal, Webastocenter's own freight documents shall be used. The customer receives the shipping documents by contacting Webastocenter's customer service by e-mail: info@webastocenter.se.
The customer can also submit the products directly to Webastocenter's customer reception. The customer must fill in Webastocenter's return form and enter his name, customer number, bank and account number including clearing number. If the customer wants to change a product, this must be done in consultation with our customer service.

Webastocenter sells all products with a 1-year warranty. For customers in Sweden, a 2-year warranty is valid according to the Consumer Purchase Act. The product warranty covers only original manufacturing defects, i.e. errors found in the product at delivery. Manufacturing defects must be identified by Webastocenter, whereupon the customer receives a free repair or new product. The product warranty does not apply as Webastocenter cannot find a fault with the product or when the customer has caused the damage himself. The Product Warranty does not apply to malfunctions, misaligned or incorrectly installed products, and errors that occur during or after a personal change in the product's function and appearance, such as rebuilding, assembly or other configuration of the product. The customer's invoice or receipt applies as proof of guarantee.

Reclaim (freight handling) and service matters
For complaints, service and warranty issues, the customer should contact Webastocenter's customer service via e-mail: info@webastocenter.se or telephone: +468800449. In the event of a reclaim, Webastocenter's own shipping documents shall be used unless otherwise stated. The customer receives the shipping documents by contacting Webastocenter's customer service. Webastocenter cannot reimburse shipping costs if the customer has sent a reclaim on their own, without first contacting Webastocenter's customer service. Cases in the event of any errors, damages which has occurred for some other reason shall be paid by the customer in accordance with the rules of the Consumer Purchasing Act or the Purchasing Act. In the event of a reclaim, the customer must send the products to Webastocenter at Ulvsundavägen 154, 16867 Bromma. (The customer should always contact Webastocenter's customer service before shipping). Alternatively, the customer can submit a complaint in Webastocenter's customer reception.

Disputes and law choices
Under these terms of purchase, Swedish law shall apply. In the event of a dispute, Webastocenter always follows the recommendations of the Swedish Allmänna reklamationsnämnden. For questions regarding Webastocenter's terms of purchase, the customer is referred to Webastocenter's customer service via e-mail: info@webastocenter.se or telephone: +46 (0)8-800449.

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